Somewhere Over The Rainbow….

Somewhere over the rainbow there is a truth. A truth in an old prophecy given to the wisest men on earth. Back in October of 2015, God began to give me visions of rainbows and indians. I was seeing head dresses, feathers in the hair and arrows. “What is this God? What is this vision you are giving me? Do I need to make these for my shop?” I asked. I could not possibly make such a replication of the beautiful images he was giving me. It was one night soon thereafter during one of my nightly studies that he spoke to me about the indigenous ones. He said he was going to return the land to them, to his people. The land was stolen, plundered and stripped from his people. He began to show me the line in the area that I live in to pray over and breathe life into. New agers call these desolate lands “low vibration.” What God spoke was dry bones. Dead bones of unanswered prayers from the indigenous ones from years ago. I never did any kind of study outside of grade school concerning the peoples of the land, the natives, native Americans as they are called today.  But when God spoke this into my life, I began to explore the history of the natives and the locations they were in. I began to study what they believed in, their proverbs and prophecies, I began to learn about their spiritual lives, and  I learned that it could be very possible (in my mind I am 100 percent sure) that they are one if not a few of the lost tribes of Israel. Since that time, I can’t escape the prayers and thoughts over the land  I dwell in. There are others scattered over our nation who are also praying for these lands to be released and the natives children are living off of their ancestors prayers. Could it perhaps be a cry for help for our nation? That this is one more last chance to make things right with God? Could it be that we are just on one more lifeline? I believe this to be true. 12314098_10153610776360380_1236849611329836114_n

Back in the fall of 2015, my friend Tiffany Moon, with Over the Moon Photography, did a photo session with me and my children for the holidays. You can see the work of God’s hands through her photography. After seeing this image, I began to share with Tiffany what my friend, Vernitra Thomas, said to me a few months ago. She always saw an Indian woman standing with me, and I told her perhaps it was an ancestor of mine (my ancestry traces back to the mayan indians). If you look at this image to the left through the rays of light, you can see her face faintly with long hair. I promise you this was not Photoshopped! HAHA!

Ever since then, I have seen the natives signs in all of our fashion and clothing. From Arrows, to bows, to mocassins….they have made a fashion statement. I was even walking through the Hobby Lobby and saw verses like this one with arrows.


Every year the Lord gives me a prophetic word concerning the new year. For the past two years, I have blogged about what was to come for the new year ahead. This year is the year of Jubilee, this is our year, this is our time. Those who love God and his son            Yeshua HaMashiac….this is our year. He is returning to us what was lost, taken away, stripped and plundered by our enemies. Some of us have already started seeing the changes around us….even in the midst of a tornado, there is an anchor inside of us that will not let us be moved. This year is the year of restoration, increase and “redistribution.”

During the first 30 days of January, my first fruits, my first days of the new year have been a time of many visions, dreams and downloading of God’s word into my life. A few nights ago, I had a dream of an evangelist standing on the inside of a tent at a tent revival. preachHe was pointing his finger to the side and said “They (the enemies) have stolen from us!!! But GOD is about to redistribute the wealth back to his people!” Hallelujah! Great things are ahead for all of us that have suffered many things in the past 7 years. This is our year of increase. It is all for HIS kingdom building, and all for HIS glory. Amen.

And as the nation waits and watches what happens this year with the election, he is reminding me once again that the political scene is purely a distraction to keep the mass populations eyes off of what is really happening in the world and of course keeping eyes off of the most high God. Trump is only an actor, and the political world is nothing but an illusion. They already know who the president will be, our votes are just a game, and we really do not have a say so. It is nothing more than a show for all to see. So therefore…..fix your eyes on the spiritual things of God.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18


Blessings to all in 2016.

~Sincerely, Selena


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