About Me

My hope and prayer is that the messages that are on my blog will be of some encouragement to someone in need. For many years I have struggled with having intense dreams and visions from the Lord….but this year, 2012, has been a turning point in my life. As a child, my salvation came from having a vision of the Lord Jesus at the foot of my bed in the middle of my prayer to him. From that day forward, I have felt him with me and the fire of the Holy Spirit in my life. For many years, I only talked about my dreams and visions among close friends, my Mom and often times have helped others because of a divine intervention through my visions and dreams. There were also many times that I ignored this calling on my life in hopes that it would just “go away.” But this year, I fully accept and embrace what the Lord has marked my life with and now, after many years of trials and tribulations, he has called me to share with you….Thanks to everyone at my church, friends and family for the continued prayers. The Lord knows that I am walking on a ledge sharing this to the world….I hope that you are blessed with his words through me. Love to all and God bless you!


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