Goodbye 2012…Hello 2013!

happy new year….the Lord said to me “Don’t forget who you are in my Kingdom.” What a journey this year has been! Ever since April of 2012, around the time when the Lord gave me the vision of the persecution that I called “the holocaust” in a previous entry, the Lord impregnated me with what I call…the spirit of the “living water” because it literally felt like I’ve been pregnant with the living water in my belly. The birth pains that I have experienced over the past 9 months have been an absolute roller coaster. The LORD has shown me so much through the past several years of conditioning and training alone, but not like he has the past 9 months. I can’t even begin to explain the magnitude of enlightenment the LORD has shown me in my everyday life, through his living word, through friends, family, my church…through nature, the world and some major events. The fire that he has ignited in me is greater and bigger than any experience in my whole Christian walk with the LORD this past 25 years. It has been a busy time with sleepless nights, prayers, singing praises to him along with the pain my temple has experienced through various “boot camps”, revelations in dreams and visions, healings…just a few to mention. I have to say that I have LOVED every single minute of it! The Holy Spirit has carried me through some extreme Spiritual growths in a short amount of time to the point where the birthing pains brought me to my knees. These were points where he said to me “You have the strength, I have built you up through your trials and tribulations!” And so I know that ultimately all of my trying times were for his glory and for his Kingdom. It is through the years of suffering and abandonment that he conditioned my heart, to prepare me for what is to come. I am thankful today that those years that I thought were so bad, were purposed for him. In order for him to impregnate me with the spiritual gifts, I had to go through the pains and fire of refinement. Ultimately, he has purposely aligned me and positioned me in his perfect time, for a time such as this!

This morning I received confirmation from the LORD all that he has shown me this year concerning the spiritual changes going on within the church. He completed this chapter of my journey through one of his vessels today, through one of his anointed Apostles, exactly all that needed to be done for the year 2012. The confirmation of the alignment, the illusion, the “spiritual pregnancy” that I am about to reveal to you his people today. Those of you who receive it know EXACTLY what I am saying to you at this moment and know that the LORD will bless you! IT IS HIS WILL, HIS WILL ALONE will be done through the servants of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior the Messiah. As for me, I am ready and excited to see his plan for my life in the year 2013 for he has prepared my heart, soul and mind along with many of you my brothers and sisters. He has designated US for this time. He wants me to remind those of you who have been through training these past few years, that he also went into his hometown and was not received. Know that JESUS also went through what we will have to face. (Matthew 13:57). At this point in time there is no time to waste, we must rely fully on where the Holy Spirit is leading us. Jesus also told his disciples in Matthew chapter 13 that the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven was given to them (the disciples), but not to them (the congregation, the receivers not doers). Just like the disciples, we have been chosen and designated the spiritual gifts that he has exposed in our lives. He also goes on to say that….though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. There are many people who do not understand what is happening at the moment and so be encouraged that you are not the only ones who are facing this challenge. The LORD will supply you with the circle of friends and people as needed. But ultimately, we are going to be involved in “opening the eyes” of the ones that can not see. The LORD also wants me to remind those of you who are questioning your positions in his Kingdom that he uses the most broken people to accomplish what many knowledgeable, prophets of GOD wished they could accomplish. But it is through your broken lives that he is able to use you especially in this day in time! So be encouraged because the most messed up, broken people, the ones that have baggage they can’t carry anymore…you are the chosen ones for the year 2013! HE WILL BRING YOU TO THE FOREFRONT! Because of your faithfulness and your perseverance for the past years and months he is about to endow your lives with unbelievable blessings! This is what the LORD has said: I will use the most broken ones that have suffered immense pain, because I know their hearts, to advance the Kingdom of the Father. Those people who were sitting in the back pews of the church, the quiet ones that have been watching like watchmen, are about to sound their trumpets. Those people who were frowned upon by this society, you will be recognized and know your places in the Kingdom of the Lord! Those who were judged, ridiculed and gossiped by are getting ready to receive the LORD and know their authority in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. God is making all things new this year. With that being said, I wanted to go ahead and write about the 3 points that HE wants me to convey to his people for the year 2013.

The LORD has been positioning everyone in the church this year and he has told me all year that there is an alignment coming. Well the time is HERE, the year 2013. He is getting ready to align his people within the churches. There won’t be anymore confusion as to who is who and what is what because the LORD is getting ready to reveal all things BLACK AND WHITE. Everyone who is in alignment with the body of Christ will be revealed and those who are not…well those who are not will be extracted. Don’t get mad at me, I am just the messenger! 🙂 And I am talking about the people who know the truth but flat-out refuse to receive it, the lost is always and will always be the core of our mission. All hearts will be exposed and not one stone will be left unturned. The reason why? Because he is about to SHAKE THINGS UP! Everything that can be shaken, will be shaken! He has been sifting and sorting which are part of the birth pains that we have been experiencing because he is getting ready to ALIGN his people! So get ready!

With that being said, those who are aligned will be risen out of the illusion we have been in. The illusion of the government, the illusion of the economy, the illusion of the world as a whole! There will be a clear divide and division between the people of God. The messianic movement is coming into the picture now. People are starting to understand and break the “Jewish Code” and Israel will be in the hearts of the people who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people who have been blinded will open their eyes and realize that GOD is not in a box! He is bigger than the small portion you have been exposed to all of your life. You have a piece of the puzzle, you are in a piece of the puzzle but we are part of bigger picture. This is the illusion the prince of lies has played for so long but he will be exposed! Exposure will be very big this year. This is the year of EXPOSURE in many facets of the church. The smaller churches are also going to rise to receive the spiritual gifts the LORD is about to pour out in year of 2013.

With that being said, those of you who have been experiencing the birth pains this year…You are the chosen ones who he has trained to prepare for what is about to happen in the church. You are the strong ones that will be a part of the movement that is about to happen and take place. Be ready to move! There is going to be a rising in the church! He will have you prophesying in every crevice and every place of opportunity that you have. He will have you singing praises in the middle of a place you never thought you would sing! He will have you preaching to the lost on the streets! All of a sudden, the supernatural will take over! You will not be able to contain what the HOLY SPIRIT will be doing in your lives in the year 2013. He has been moving some of us already in 2012. The year of 2013 is going to be some more shaking and moving for the purpose of the alignment he is going to do in the body. I am talking about your temples AS WELL AS inside of the church body. As the one world order is coming into formation, the LORD’S KINGDOM is also coming into formation. So be prepared, there will be hearts set ablaze!

On a final funny note…I wanted to share something the LORD did to me one night. My strongest communication with the LORD is in the late night and early morning. So this one night I couldn’t sleep, I was so restless and he told me to get out of bed, so I got up. He told me to look under my bed. So I looked under my bed. I had two containers of my favorite high heel shoes and he told me to pull them out. Ok….so I pulled out all my awesome, fashion diva heels. Then he said “Throw them out on the front porch!” I said “What? OK, whatever you say!” So I threw all of my shoes out on the front porch like he said and went to bed. (I slept like a baby after that by the way, LOL)….SO the next morning I got up to go to work and I put on my boots. I walked out my front door, completely forgot about what I did the night before, and saw the heels there and I said “I wonder what THAT was all about?” And he told me “WHERE YOU ARE GOING, YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO WEAR THOSE HIGH HEELS!” And I just looked down at my boots and started giggling, praising my LORD through this transition he has me in. I could care less about those heels! This world has nothing for me! I am HIS! And his plan for me this year of 2013 must involve some serious walking! Maybe I should get a pair of combat boots? haha! Just sayin’!

I am sending all my blessings to all of you on this amazing year 2013 to come! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS YOU!


“He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters. And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.” Matthew 12:30


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