the illusion

the illusion

The Lord woke me and said “Just like John the Baptist was in the wilderness, my people are in the illusion. They are blinded! Wake up! Wake up! For time is near and the trumpets will sound! The people who have followed me will rise out of the illusion!”

And so it is with great urgency today to give this message straight from the cornerstone. There were many visions about the secret societies, the red cardinals, the Knights Templar, the new world order….I encourage everyone to reasearch each of these listed. I did not know what these were, all I know is that the Lord brought them to me when I was living in my happy bubble.

This is the message that I need to write to everyone. The time is now to make a decision. The time is now to pick a side. Will you choose good or evil? Will you choose the trinity or will you choose to stay blinded in this fake government society? The illusion is this: THE GOVERNMENT IS DECEIVING THE PEOPLE! The only true government that we can depend on, rely on, is the word of GOD. The HOLY BIBLE. Our nation, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was founded on CHRISTIAN principles. The time is NOW to remove ourselves, to extract ourselves from the material illusion and take our place in the KINGDOM OF GOD! Look around you, look at this city, look at this state, look at this nation….LOOK AT THIS WORLD! Have people really turned their backs and become selfish and only care for themselves? Yes. We have. People actually believe that the government is going to help them. NO, they will not help you. They are taking from you. We are losing our rights under our noses. Everyone is walking around like zombies indulging into their iPhones and iPads. Can’t you see that these are distractions from the underworld? Stop living a fake life and fill your hearts and lives with what is real! Our souls will not stay in this world forever. Our souls will go to another place when we leave this earth. So now is the time to choose, what are you waiting for? It is not about who is republican or who is democrat…It is all an illusion. When the elections were over this year, I was absolutely devastated. I thought “Lord, we are doomed!” And do you know what he said to me? He said “My child, you were doomed from the beginning. You were doomed when sin entered earth. This has to happen, it written.” And it was a peace that came over me when he told me this. We were not made to be a part of this world, we are only in it for a short time, we were created and designed to love and worship HIM and to be a part of his kingdom. Now is the time to take our places in it, know him and know who we are in Jesus Christ. There isn’t a lot of time to waste and there is a lot of work to do.

Back in 2009, the Lord simplified my life. He did not want for me to have cable/internet at home. I had access to internet through work or phone. In 2010 I spent a lot of my time enjoying my life after being divorced and I was able to travel, go to many events and do things that I have never done before like ride motorcycles. I enjoyed life and lived free. God was good to me and brought good people into my life, he let me enjoy myself because he knew all that I had suffered in previous years. But last year, when he called me out of my little happy bubble, I have dedicated my time and life to the assignments that he has me on. I am just one messenger out of many that are out there. My prayer and hope is that people will open their eyes and take the rosy shades off.

My personal experience with this has been this: Since April of this year, I have had numerous visions and dreams about the condition of this world and our society. For 6 months I kept a journal with various notes and information that the Lord brought to me. After a series of events, the Lord came to me one morning (11/19/12-Monday morning to be exact) and he said to me, “My kingdom is real, the order I have shown you is real, the Angelic order is real….” And my eyes were fully opened to the true divide. It really is either “Heaven or Hell” There is no gray area, there isn’t a between space…it is very clear that this has been a good vs evil set up from Genesis to Revelation. I have known that all along but when one gets caught up with all of the distractions, it gets a little harder to discern these things simply because they are disguised.

Psalms 34:8 says “Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see – how good God is. Blessed are you who run to him.”

The time is now to open your eyes to the real illusion that we are in and the time is now to open your eyes to the kingdom that is coming soon.


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