The Rising

The Holy Spirit gave me a vision of the skies and I saw Jesus standing in the midst of all the clouds. Some of the clouds were thick and others were faint but the sky was a beautiful baby blue. I was hanging there looking at Jesus as if he was waiting….then they all began to rise up next to him. They were full of light and they were all sparkling as if they had little stars on them. We were all shining and bright. They kept rising and rising and rising. The sky was full of light . Then the Lord said, “I have revealed to you your calling and you have listened.” I sat there in awe for the beauty of it can’t be described…I fell back asleep and was completely in his rest and in the comfort of his presence. When I woke back up the Lord said “Revelations 11:11.” I got my bible to read and this is what he said to me…”But three and a half days later, God will breathe life into their bodies. They will stand up and everyone who sees them will be terrified.” I didn’t really understand how the vision and this verse connected but I remembered reading something in Ezekiel that came to mind. Ezekiel 2:1-2 says “A voice speaking unto me, said, Son of man, stand upon thy feet; and the spirit entered into me and stood upon my feet.” I love to read about the prophet Ezekiel because he was bound up by the Holy Spirit so many times and he had no control. I remember when the Holy Spirit would not allow me to go forth until I completed the task he had asked me to do and I was so upset and so scared to do this one thing he asked of me. He did not leave me alone and he said to me “You have the power of the 4 corners (Jesus) and the chronicle (my guardian angel).” I didn’t understand what he was telling me at the time because I was kicking and screaming the whole way to my destination. The Lord was quick to remind me that Ezekiel also was taken and that he also became “annoyed and angry.” And so now when I have these visions and dreams from the Lord, it is better to just accept it and not fight it because his plan is better than my plan and his ways are not my ways. In my understanding through research and reading scripture, all Christians are receiving their gifts to the fullest at this time. We are all operating on full steam and coming together stronger than ever before. This year 2012 has been one word for me from the Lord “ALIGNMENT.” He has been working with his people this year and aligning, positioning, distributing, and doing an intervention of divine truths for all of his children. My prayer is that all Christians will receive their gifts with acceptance and joy. Trust that the Lord is showing you and calling you in accordance to his purpose!


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