The Holocaust

Back in April, I had a vision from the Lord that shook me to my core. After I had this vision, I had continuous dreams and visions about the mark of the beast and all of the evil dominions associated with that. I want to share a part of those visions on another entry but this one vision I have been led to share on a immediate basis. This is a letter that I sent to my sisters the day after my vision…..

April 18, 2012
My sisters in Jesus Christ,

First and foremost, I want to tell you how blessed I am to have each and every one of you in my life. God has really been so good to me through all of you. I am here to serve each and every one of you as the Lord has called me to do so, in prayer, advice and love.

I am writing this email and hope that you will give me an opportunity to share with you something that the Lord has asked me to prepare you all with. I am about to birth something and I am unsure of what will happen next but I have faith in the Lord as he has called me to pray over and help my Christian friends since last September. I have already shared some insight with some of you……As I was saying….many of you know that I have secluded myself from the world and have not had much connection to the news, no cable (going on 4 years now) and that I have dedicated my time to building relationships with people, some good and some bad, but all in all I have grown through all of this and have fallen in love more and more with my Lord, my King. As I mentioned last Wednesday, I have had visions from the Lord in different areas of my life. If you are interested in hearing about those, I would be glad to share those visions and testify on how he has used me to work in other people’s lives. But the matter at hand is pertaining to our group. The purpose of this email is to help you all and to share what he has told me to tell you.

On Friday evening I had a vision that I was led by the Holy Spirit into the darkness of the earth. There was fear among many in a home where they were at and each room had many people with different fears. I swiped my arm across each room without fear for the Lord was with me. I spoke words to them that I did not understand and they were led out of the darkness and into the world where there was chaos. I walked out with them and they all scattered into the world to help others release their fears and so on and so on. To my knowledge, they were spread out amongst us. I walked out on the street towards my home heading towards the other side of the tracks. There was destruction behind me but I was not afraid. I walked confidently towards the railroad tracks when I saw the apartment buildings falling down in flames. I immediately thought of my children and my grandfather but I still did not fear. There were fire rescuers but they were being swallowed by the earth. Militants were everywhere and they were not of this land. As I attempted to get across the tracks, I was sectioned into a tall building that was under the earth. The chaos was out there but all the Christians were captured in this building. They were stacked on top of each other in boxes that looked like cardboard boxes but they were strong boxes. I will not say what I saw because I am still disturbed by what I heard and saw. I did not have my children and my grandfather and they were all I thought about. The militants guarding the doors to the building were ordering me and many others to get into these boxes. I asked them for my children and grandfather so they put me aside. There were many Christians coming in the door, many pastors and preachers. I thought about the concentration camps much like in world war 2. The other Christians did not have fear and we were all praying together. My children finally came in the door and they were sent to my box. We crouched together and began to sing a song to the Lord and then I woke up……

I woke up to LB’s verse: Be strong and courageous, Dont be afraid or terrified BECAUSE OF THEM, for THE LORD your GOD goes with you and he will not forsake you. Deut 31:6

My intentions are not to scare you and not to put fear in you…remember that God has won the battle and we must no longer be afraid for our future. This message is to prepare you and make you aware of what is going on. Live your lives while you have it and enjoy EVERY thing !!!! Even the battles! My message to you from the Lord is to encourage you to HELP others release their fears and come to Christ. The Christians that you know in your life now that have backslid a little (I have been there and done that myself) HELP them get back on their feet and encourage them!

Also, prepare your homes as if you are preparing for a natural disaster. Check your cabinets and make sure that you have all of your first aid kits filled up. I am a first responder at work and would be glad to get you a list of items that you will need in case of an emergency. Also, make sure that you keep plenty of water stocked, canned foods, dry foods, etc. In case of an outage in your home.

Another thing that I wanted to mention was that I have not been keeping up with world affairs and politics (as they disgust me) but when I shared this vision with someone very close and dear to my heart, he told me about the Marshall Law that was underhanded signed by Obama. I encourage all of you to research that if you havent already. I also want to encourage all of you to investigate the FEMA “concentration camps” that are being set up in our country. Our military has been training diligently on our grounds.

I love each and every one of you….God bless you all!!!


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