The Crowning

The Lord woke me this one morning and I could not wake up. I was so tired and so sleepy as he has been waking me between 2-3am every morning for 4 days to write the messages he needed me to convey. What was so funny was when I woke up from this light dream, I was face down on my couch in the middle of all my studies like I used to do in college. I had 3 bibles open, the biblical feasts book open and my journal with pen in hand. It is amazing to me that I wasn’t tired and how the Holy Spirit sustained my body with energy to study and write. I have to say that spending time with God in the middle of the night is when he works his best with me. Even while I was going to SWU, the Lord always helped me to understand my studies late at night before sleeping. Jesus is my best friend…. So, I was lightly sleeping when I found myself in what looked like a ceremony. The room was a perfect golden air, kind of shimmer and it wasn’t too bright but it was absolutely perfect. There were elders standing around and there were thrones with people surrounding everywhere. It was like a wedding ceremony but there were people standing beside Jesus and the others bowing down praising him as we approached the throne. I could not really make out their faces because everyone was wearing shimmery golden veils. They were dressed like princesses and princes in beautiful robes of different shades of gold. Then I saw Jesus sitting at the right side of the father on the thrones. He was whispering in the father’s ear as I walked closer. The father looked like the sweetest man you could ever imagine. His face was long and he had the longest white beard with the longest perfectly placed white hair. He was dressed in a white robe and he looked humble, sweet and loving. When I looked at Jesus, he looked like a strong King with authority, yet, his face looked just like the other dreams I have ever had of him…beautiful with no flaws. Just writing this makes my heart burn. I looked over to my right side and saw Angelica smiling at me in a beautiful white dress and little Alexander staring at Jesus. We were getting ready to be crowned and then I woke up….

The first thought that the Lord brought to me when I woke up was…’my people have their crowns waiting for them in heaven! All of Jesus’ people will have a glorious crowning ceremony! It doesn’t matter where you have been and where you came from, what matters is where your heart is!’ Look at King David and all that he did in the human flesh…do you think that kept him from getting his crowns in heaven? Absolutely not! Jesus loves ALL his children the same! We are all beautiful and perfect in his kingdom.

I remembered that earlier this year my pastor spoke of the crowns that we would recieve in heaven. I found these notes in my black notebook:

The first crown  is the crown of righteousness. 2 Timothy 4:7-8 says: I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

The second crown is the crown of victory. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 says: You know that many runners enter a race, and only one of them wins the prize. So run to win! Athletes work hard to win a crown that cannot last, but we do it for a crown that will last forever. I don’t run without a goal. And I don’t box by beating my fists in the air. I keep my body under control and make it my slave, so I won’t lose out after telling the good news to others.

The third crown is the crown of life. Revelation 2:10 says: Don’t worry about what you will suffer. The devil will throw some of you into jail, and you will be tested and made to suffer for ten days. But if you are faithful until you die, I will reward you with a glorious life.

The fourth crown is the crown of rejoicing. 1 Thesalonians 2:19-20 says: After all, when the Lord Jesus appears, who else but you will give us hope and joy and be like a glorious crown for us? You alone are our glory and joy!

The fifth crown is the crown of glory. 1 Peter 5:1-4 says: Church leaders,I am writing to encourage you. I too am a leader, as well as a witness to Christ’s suffering, and I will share in his glory when it is shown to us.Just as shepherds watch over their sheep, you must watch over everyone God has placed in your care. Do it willingly in order to please God, and not simply because you think you must. Let it be something you want to do, instead of something you do merely to make money. Don’t be bossy to those people who are in your care, but set an example for them. Then when Christ the Chief Shepherd returns, you will be given a crown that will never lose its glory.

(I always think of myself being the church, my body is the the temple of Christ and that this doesn’t only apply to the church leaders in the church that I attend.  All people that are in mycare should be cared for by me, my love and guidance.)


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